Hdmi cable for mac laptop

No Dp Signal Mac
How To Connect a MacBook to A TV or Monitor

Just skip that and go straight to this one cable. Packaging was great. Came on time.

Already used this a couple times and no problems at all. If you're having trouble with the audio or picture just do as instructed by the seller. The best part about the seller is they are trustworthy and they emailed me a couple times with directions for use, customer support, tips, and made sure everything was going well with the product.

Add to cart. Works straight out the box. No set up" - by Amazon Customer. The cord is great as soon as I received it in the mail I plugged it into my MacBook Air thunder port and into my tv and needless to say it works! The screen dais plays on both my computer and the tv but the sound does not transfer. I have a Bluetooth speaker so the sound goes into that which is great. I wanted to play music on my oldest radio, and my husband bought this adapter so I can! It works! People at church were trying to show videos and we needed an adapter and didn't have one.

We wanted to show a video we took on our TV and it wasn't a smart TV.

This adapter worked! We love it! Easy to mark so you know it's yours, I'm sure we'll be purchasing more. What a sweet Deal! No lag" - by Gummy Power.

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I would only use it to connect my MacBook Pro to a second larger screen to UGREEN USB C HDMI Cable, 2m USB Type C (Thunderbolt 3) to HDMI 4K UHD . I bought this product based on the fact I wanted to link my laptop to my TV to. M Mini Display Port DP to HDMI Cable Adapter For iMac MacBook Pro Air .. DP (Thunderbolt) to HDMI Male to Male Cable for Surface Pro/Laptop/Book.

Works great! Also, the nylon braid on the cable makes the cable more durable. Overall would defo recommend this product.

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Only 4 left in stock. I've been few 3 alternative products which have failed pretty rapidly. This one works well and seems to be holding up. I bought this product based on the fact I wanted to link my laptop to my TV to stream Netflix and also I love photography so its nice to see images ive taken up on the screen for my family to have a look at when they are around. This wire has great connection and also is a relatively longish length wire not giving you square eyes as your sat to close to your television if thats what you are connecting to.

All in all 5 stars based on connection between laptop and television and also value for money. This adapter so far has done the job for me. Its expanded the ports on my Macbook and so far it's been okay for the price. When you compare this style of adapter with its competitors, its not too bad bang for buck. This did cause me to loose HDMI signal.

However there is not sufficient documentation to suggest what the limit is that the adapter can read, I suspect that is the cause of the problem.

Faulty Thunderbolt Port

I would recommend for anyone on a budget, just after a basic adapter. Perfect for connecting projector to my Surface Pro4. First lead I received was flimsy and a bit dodgy. Had to wiggle it around to make it work and the audio would drop in and out. Eventually found a tactic to make it work, left them 2 star feedback and thought no more of it. After a month or two Cheerivo contacted me out of the blue to say they'd read my review and were very sorry that the lead hadn't worked out.

MacBook Pro HDMI Adapter

They offered to send a replacement lead free of charge as soon as possible. I would only use it to connect my MacBook Pro to a second larger screen to watch movies and the temperature would go quite high sometimes. With this adapter, this problem is sorted!

It's free shipping made easy

December 19, at pm. Gefen among other companies makes a video and sound combo box with hdmi out and inputs to accept your video and audio specific cables to combine them into one HDMI cable to connect to your tv. This product is capable of transmitting audio though. I also need both the other usb slots for my mbox and ilok. Malpal, October 17,

Add to Basket. I use this with a MacBook Air and it works perfectly. Has got me out of countless headaches when making presentations with projectors, as I do not have to carry several different leads, this one just fits into my thunderbolt port and I am good to go. Far cheaper than separate Apple ones for each video type.

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Does what it says on the tin. Great product. Good, sturdy build quality with a solid feel. Small enough to drop into bag with MacBook Pro. Great functionality and build quality for a low price.

Connect the Mac to the TV with HDMI & Adapter

The wifi where I live is erratic and it was frustrating to be watching something online only for it to crash part way through! This is an excellent product - well made and it does exactly what it claims. Since it's so much cheaper than the equivalent thing elsewhere, I wondered about its quality but it's sturdy and I've been using it continuously with my Surface Pro4 on an almost daily basis for a couple of months and never had a connection that didn't work. Would definitely recommend it. Currently unavailable. This is brilliant product, just one hub to dealing with all the connections.

Very easy to connect with Mac, the speed are good. And match with the Mac. See All Buying Options.