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Beauty Lips. I was looking for a dark purple lipsticks when I came across Cyber.

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I pair Nightmoth with Cyber to create the perfect vampy lip. You simply need to pair Cyber with the right outfit or eye makeup and leave the Taylor Momsen panda look at home. I tend to outline my lips with Nightmoth before applying Cyber You can create some serious Kylie Jenner lips with this combo! Even though we now know that her lips are fake.

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Nightmoth is a blackened plum color that also works well with Sin and Diva. Like the MAC lipsticks, the pencils are also long-wearing Cyber can last up to 5 hours. For this review I decided to also fill in my lips with Nighmoth normally I only outline them. Pingback: A Bit of Color. There are several reasons why these are absolutely incredible! Firstly, they are so creamy! I own spice, whirl and soar and I can't get enough of them!

MAC whirl lip pencil is a dusty-rose, pink-brown color that will be suitable for many different skin tones, from the very light to medium-deep. It has a great pigmentation and applies almost like a dream. If you do chose to wear this liner on its own, keep in mind that you have to use a very light hand and that the finish will be very, very matte. These are a drier kind of lip liner which means they are excellent for defining lips and have better staying power than creamier lip pencils. MAC has a great range of colours but there are comparable shades and textures in cheaper brands - I was so annoyed to buy Cherry liner and find it is exactly the same shade as my Australis pencil in Lady In Red.

If I had known that I would have chosen a different shade. MAC has an especially good range of neutral colours and it is easy to find one to suit all skin tones.


They are not the best pencil for using all over the lips as they emphasise dryness, I prefer a creamier lip pencil for that. They definitely increase the lasting power of lipstick and last for a long time because they do not wear down as quickly as creamy pencils.

The Iconic Lipstick Shades a MAC Newbie Should Always Start With

I like them but I think you can find pencils just as good that cost less, just not with the same variety of shades. They're super pigmented and go on very easily. They are drying if you haven't prepped your lips by exfoliating and applying lip balm prior to application.

The Iconic Lipstick Shades a MAC Newbie Should Always Start With

They do keep my lipsticks on longer and leave a nice stain behind once my lipstick starts to wear off. Mac lip liners and lipstick are the best lip products in their range imo. I barely have to touch my lips with it and it imparts a crazy amount of pigment. However, these are just so dry! Right after application they make my lips like, excuse the crass, a puckered bumhole!

The Iconic Lipstick Shades a MAC Newbie Should Always Start With

Applying balm over it ruins the matte texture of it :. My go to lip pencil is MAC Subculture. I love it because the colour is so close to my natural lip colour that I can wear it with almost anything. I use this pencil to line my lips and then fill them in to create a nice even base for whatever lip product I choose to wear over the top.

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While I use Subculture through the week, MAC also has a variety of other colours which are great for something more dramatic. The MAC lip pencils glide on smoothly, have good colour pay off and last all day. Even though MAC pencils are not the cheapest lip liners, I find that they are good value for money as the product lasts and lasts. The pencils sharpen easily and I haven't had any problems with the pencil tip breaking. You need to log in or become a member to leave a review.

Want to get your ghoul on this Halloween? Get inspired by these seriously spooky beauty looks… brought to you by beautyheaven. I have been using this brow mascara for years now, and am still in love with it! I use it all the time, especially when I am in a rush, and need to do my brows fast! I have tried their cleanser before and I'm pretty much convinced the smells will always be refreshing.

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I have the matte lipstick in the shade pink plaid which is a beautiful matte pink shade with mauve undertones, when applied looks very retro, and is pretty long lasting. Hi beauties!

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How many bundles do you need with a …. Skip to main content. Request new password. You are here. Lip Pencil Reviews. Reviews Articles Reviews reflect the honest opinions of beautyheaven members. Gorgia 30 Aug PM. Kathryn 16 Aug PM.

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Any Tips? As with any lip liner, it best performs on smooth lips. Ihadwingsonce 24 Aug PM. Don't get these unless you like dry lip pencils! Ideal For Someone who doesn't like creamy, pigmented lip pencils. Though it has blue undertones, countless reviews over the years have proven that it looks great on just about anyone.

Looking for another matte that you can wear on those low-key days when you still want to look put together? This light beige with a rose finish is just the ticket. Whether you want to feel like a boss or simply find a dependable bordeaux shade for the winter season, this rich burgundy is a must-try.