Csi new york mac and claire

Claire Conrad Taylor

One of the survivors from the concentration camp recalls the incidents when senior Taylor helped him to restore the self-esteem and also showed benevolent gesture by offering a candy bar to the person. Taylor senior originally belonged to Chicago, but after his discharge from United States Marine Corps, he moves to New York, where he gets the rank of Major. Mac Taylor is a man of substance and a finest detective.

I Want My Little Girl Back

Mac takes it quite differently from other detectives. Summary: Stella finds out a closely guarded secret.

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It was a secret that they guarded fiercely Collapse. They belong to CBS and a bunch of people who are not me. No disrespect meant or intended. Author's Notes: Dipping my toes back into this fandom. Hello, old friend. The ideas within are from my own overactive imagination and all shall be returned with no lasting harm done. Author's Notes: Originally started in July for Kathie's birthday.

Many, many thanks and love to her for the encouragement about this fic, whether it was when I wanted to give up and scream because of writer's block or when I remembered how much I love writing again. And for the title that fits so well after I'd come up with something. And to Mer too, who'd excitement about the series makes me smile and keep writing.

Author's Note 2: This will make more sense if you've read my Fog series. In short: There are alternate universes out there, Don has traveled between them and Mac and Danny know about them. I referenced events through the current season, but this series was started long before Danny and Lindsay got together. Didn't happen in this.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Epilogue. But the reality is at the same time just that easy and yet, extremely complicated.

Wouldn't exist without the help of the awesome friend that is ginny Fanmix by mybestexcuse. Make sure to leave her a comment for it! I borrowed with the best of intentions and will return them in one piece with little harm done to them. Author's Notes: A few weeks ago I asked for prompts for drabbles. Sunday to Saturday This is a series I had started to write a while back and just recently did this little bunny jump back into my head.


So, here it is. Feel free to let me know what you think. Title: I Dream of Genie Pt. Disclaimer: They're not mine, I'm just playing. I'll give them back when I'm done with them, honest. Disclaimer: The characters I write about do not belong to me, no harm is meant, neither to the characters nor their creators, who I'm not affiliated with. Summary: Mac's thoughts when coming home after a case took him away from the city for a few weeks.

Bevor Sie fortfahren...

Read the fic here. Summary: "So Any Fandom, Any Pairing - Prompt!

Come and join the fun!! Disclaimer: Definitely not ours, or the whole show would look different.

CSI:NY Mac&Claire - By Your Side

Summary: After Jess' death, Don needs help coping Authors Notes: We just couldn't leave our favorite trio alone forever. Everyone needs help sometime Collapse. Yes, you read that right - a big bang with kink!

Claire Forlani Joins CSI: NY

No need to be hardcore, if that's not your cup of tea. This is getting out of hand. Send the children, their parent s , guardians back and force them to enter legally. Entertainment Home. Follow Us. Adam Bryant.

Know another quote from CSI: NY, Season 8?

TV Guide September 23, What to Read Next. Entertainment Tonight. Yahoo Celebrity.

Know another quote from CSI: NY, Season 8?

No , he reminded himself as he tried to control his rising anger, crime is crime. After the Cabbie Killer realized the reach of Reed's blog, he kidnapped Reed to help him get his 'message' out to the public. Stella gripped his arm lightly and offered him a final smile before turning towards everyone else. Edit Cast Episode credited cast: Gary Sinise I have a lot of work, but I'm still writting this story. Apparently, they know the owner.

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