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How to use Migration Assistant to move a user account to another Mac

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Setting Up a New Mac: Should You Migrate or Do a Clean Installation?

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Notable Replies. There was a fee? Launch Migration Assistant on both Macs and click Continue on both. You may also see a security code that will be the same on both screens, used to eliminate any risk of someone acting as a man in the middle. Click Continue on both Macs if no code is shown or if the code is the same.

If the code is different, something is terribly wrong! In many cases, you will want to leave everything checked except all the users excluding Alice see notes below.

Moving to a New Mac

You want only Alice checked among the users listed. Click Continue and wait for the process to complete. Select Alice in the account list and click the minus - sign at the bottom.

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How can I transfer software licenses to a new Mac?

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Read more about using Migration Assistant here. Recovering my backup files from the hard disk by a computer repair shop, it took them 2 days to recover files but in such a way that these had lost both the directory structure as well as file names. As soon as you have opted to use this feature, you need to open Migration Assistant on your old Mac and set it to supply the files To another Mac , acting as the server. Apple does things right sometimes, but not others. Hey Howard! Thanks for signing up!

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